Target Population

The Surfing Athletics Development Program will target and bring service to boys & girls age 7 to 11; Cadets boys & girls age 12 to 16 and Junior Men & Junior Women age 17 to 21.

Programs Involved

Junior Surfing Athletic Development Program

Puerto Rico’s rich and abundant natural marine and coastal resources with excelent conditions all year round, perfect waves and infrastructure, the perfect platform to develop our young athletes into world-class champions. This much needed program consist of:

• Educational, Competitive and Ocean Safety components completing with a Junior Surfing National Circuit consisting of 8 to 10 / 2 days events of competition for the FSPR NATIONAL JR SURFING SERIES and will be part of the TEAM PUERTO RICO. With a breathtaking coastline and dozens of world class waves and Surfing been such an attractive and fun sport is the perfect “hook” for teaching our youngsters, not only about the art of competition and to develop as athletes but also to swim, first aid, ocean rescue, protection of the environment, values, good characters helping decreasing school desertion and support academics for great athletes and better citizens for Puerto Rico.

Coaching & Instructing Program (CIP) & Judging & Officiating Program (JOP)

Our CIP and JOP accreditation courses and trainings of the International Surfing Association (ISA), world’s recognized authority on education and serves as the international governing body for the all wave related activities and surfing, and are under the Puerto Rico Institute for the Development of Sports and Recreation (IPDDER), and the Sports & Recreation Department of Puerto Rico (DRD). The Puerto Rico Surfing Federation (FSPR) is validated as and Educational Institute by the Puerto Rico Government and all certifications are in compliance with law #170, August 12, 2005 and the Organic Law# 8, January 8, 2004. The program trains the Professional Instructors and Coaches and the Professional Judges and Officiating personnel for competition. This will guaranty the success and excellence of the Surfing Athletics Development Program and is the key to develop the sport of surfing by professionalizing the young athlete surrounds, giving them the structure and credibility for the highest standard and quality. All Judges, Officials, Coaches and Instructors are licensed by the Puerto Rico Government and by the ISA.

Open Ocean Surf Rescue Program

By including Ocean Awareness & Beach Safety principles into the Surfing Athletics Development Programs and educating those who want to learn to surf at an early age, we can ensure every Junior will has the skills and knowledge needed to enjoy the beach and the surf safely for a lifetime.

Throughout the program and each of the 5 levels, the following skills have been incorporated:

  • Surf Conditions
  • Surf Survival
  • Basic First Aid
  • Ocean Rescue SkillsThis ensures every member understands how to stay safe on the beach and in the surf…and maybe even save a life of their own.
    Swimming Requirements:
    The participants have to be water confident to join the Open Water Surf Rescue Program. It is our expectation that the participants can:
  • Float unassisted
  • Submerge without fear (open eyes under water and demonstrate breath control – blow bubbles underwater)
  • Free movement – move around confidently in an ocean environment independently and in a group situation

Initially, all water activities are conducted in shallow water (waist depth) only. This allows those with a limited swimming ability to participate in the program, enabling them to develop their skills and confidence in the surf before moving up to the next skill level.

Ocean Awareness & Beach Safety

The FSPR is committed to work closely with our younger community to educate them about the beach environment they live in. Now, with the support of the Puerto Rico Government through the Sports & Recreation Department (DRD) and the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) The FSPR has developed a cutting edge junior development program for boys and girls participating in the Surfing Athletic Development Program across Puerto Rico, that not only teaches them an exhilarating new sport, but educates them in ALL aspects of ocean awareness and beach safety.

Surf Conditions – details the types of waves a participant may encounter; how the wind and weather impacts surf conditions; how to recognize rips and other dangerous currents in the surf; understanding surfing etiquette; and how to protect the beach environment for future generations to enjoy.

Surf Survival & Ocean Rescue Skills – details the hazards participants are likely to encounter and how to minimize and deal with these hazards safely and

effectively. Dealing with sun exposure and over exposure to the cold; self rescue from the surf; identifying surfers and swimmers in difficulty and what to do; performing a basic board rescue; and understanding the different warnings and signals/flags used at the beach.

Basic First Aid – looks at the basic first aid procedures that every participant should be familiar in. Basic CPR; managing marine stings and bites; understanding shock; and treatments for common surfing injuries.


  • The Surfing Athletic Development Program will contribute, not only to the massification of the sport of surfing and overall aquatic education in Puerto Rico, but also to help develop the sports to a mainstream status side by side with the other “traditional sports” in the Island. It will also help to establish a solid foundation so our young athletes will help to promote a public policy, historically absent in Puerto Rico, with all matters concerning the water safety education, good management of our ocean resources and coastal conservancy, moral values, philantrophy and character to shape the future generation of citizens
  • Surfing Athletic Development Program will help promote surfing as a SUPER ENGINE for fun and healthy physical activity for all Puerto Rico.
  • Surfing Athletic Development Program will create awareness as a SUPER ENGINE that promotes the multiple sports-recreational spectacular opportunities that the Islands of Puerto Rico offers, as it’s happening now in other latinamerican countries like, Panamá, México, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Chile, and Brasil.
  • Surfing Athletic Development Program will be joining the Puerto Rico Government to help Surfing becoming the SUPER ENGINE for Social transformation and education and everything concerning the laws and reglamentation for the safe practice and well being of all aquatics sports in the island.
  • Surfing Athletic Development Program scope is aligned with Healthy and Positive Conducts, Good Eating habits, Excellence in Academics and Athletics, Values and Character.Program DescriptionOur goal is to grow the competitors base in the nation, and at the same time, establish a revolutionary and strategic Athletic Development Program consisting on educational & early intervention to prepare our young athletes for the historical introduction of the sport to the Olympic Cycle for the first time, at the 2019 Panamerican Games in Perú and the 2016 ISA World Junior Surfing Championships. The FSPR is the official entity recognized by the Government of Puerto Rico that certify the TEAM PUERTO RICO and its National Champions and the Juegos de Puerto Rico, the Nation’s young athletes official competition with 146 sports and over 6000 participants.

In order to achieve these goals, we need to focus on reaching and measuring results and athletic excellence; Our Surfing & SUP Athlete needs to practice constantly, not only the contest aspect but physical and mentally, like any other “traditional” sport. Practices and trainings will consist in a synergy of preparatory educational modules added to a practical JUNIOR SURFING/SUP NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP series of events were we measure the progress in performance and competitive strategy with actual professional international formats in real time and collecting data to measure results, using the best technology in the world, best sound systems and equipment to provide a safe and reliable contest Infrastructure, waste management and beach site protection protocol and ensure a safe, secure, accessible and eco-friendly event.

  • The SURFING ATHLETIC PROGRAM will develop the young athlete’s divisions , by creating a High performance talent bank, to identify the potential championship level athletes in the Island.
  • The SURFING ATHLETIC PROGRAM will encourage Academic Excellence as part of the athletics formation. Good Academic performance will be required to be part of the program. An minimum average of 2.5 will be required.
  • The SURFING ATHLETIC PROGRAM will be promoting the professionalization of the Judging & Officiating personnel as well as the Coaches & Instructors, to comply with the Law #170 (DRD)The SURFING ATHLETIC PROGRAM will impact Puerto Rico by giving recreational and sport services to the young citizens of Puerto Rico.Proposed Activities:The FSPR JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP consist of :
  • An 8 to 10 events National Championship Series with 5 categories, with a 2days duration weekend event to measure the performance and talent using the best technology and systems and the international championship format and criteria of the ISA and the World Surfing League (WSL).
  • Categories are: Surfing short board division & SUP Surf/Race for Groms 7 to 10; 11 to 16 and Juniors Under 21 years of age.
  • An 4 events per year Open Surfing Series for all ages that will serve as a training tool for our Junior Athletes as well as for all competitive surfers in the Island.
  • Promote the SURFING ATHLETICS PROGRAM within the municipalities of the Island by using each City Hall as a “Surfing Club”. These alone will help enormously to the growth and understanding of these sports and creates the base for the mass participation in the annual “Juegos de Puerto Rico” scheme of the Sports & Recreation Department (DRD)
  • All events will be officiated by an Official ISA Judging panel accredited by the Government of Puerto Rico.
  • Athletes will have the unique opportunity to receive information stats and personal results and position in real time during their participation (Heats). These are state of the art equipment will be provided by REFRESH TECHNOLOGY PUERTO RICO, valued at more than $25,000.00 sponsored investment.
  • The Refresh Computer Aided Judging Systems started development in 1996 and debuted in mid-1997 as the worlds first WindowsTM application forcomputer aided judging at the world tour of Bodyboard in Portugal. Receiving from the very beginning the best of feedback from all who directly or indirectly used it (judges, technical directors, competitors, etc). Providing by the minute scores, judges evaluation and statistics, event statistics (best waves, best scores, etc.), event seedings (builds and progression updates), heat reports at the end of each heat on paper as well as in html format, real- time score broadcasting to any website (we supply web space if needed), the system proved itself on numerous high profile events such as the ISA World Championships, the Association of Bodyboard Professionals and the World Qualifying Series and also has been used in some of the most prestigious events around the world, from Hawaii to the Cape Verde Islands. Every detail of the heat in progress can be observed in this pivotal screen of the system’s software application. From a single judge’s score on any given wave to the heat standings 1 minute and 41 seconds to the final blow of the horn.
  • The FSPR COMPETITORS TECHNICAL COURSES will be given to the participants of the National Circuit by professionals ISA Instructors
  • The participants will be evaluated by accredited professional technical resources during and off the event series.
  • Twice per semester the FSPR Junior Athletes will train in the OPEN WATER SURF RESCUE PROGRAM, dictated by Licensed Emergency Medical Technitian and Officer/Instructor of the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA)
  • Hire a Professional Surfing Coach with international background experience that will bring the hands on knowledge, coaching experience and techniques not only for our Surfing Athletics Development Program but to train our Coaches and Instructors as well.
  • Formal presentations to the Island’s Academic institutions, to present the SURFING ATHLETIC PROGRAM and the introduction of Surfing and SUP to the Olympic Cycle and the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (COPUR). To be successful in Surfing and SUP, our young athletes need to train on a daily basis; 3 to 6 hours of practice, during daylight hours. The Island’s “traditional” Educational Systems needs to accommodate their programs to meet these training requirements of these Aquatics Olympic Athletes. The FSPR in conjunction with the Sports & Recreation Department (DRD) and the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (COPUR), will be spearheading these presentations across the Island and it will be the stepping stone to the first Interuniversity Athletic League (LAI) events series.

Human Resources

The JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP human Resources will consist of :

  • 5 International Level 3 Int. Judges
  • 5 level 2 National Judges
  • 20 Level 1 Club Judges
  • 5 trained accredited Coaches & Instructors
  • 2 Official ISA Presenters,ALL Certified by the ISA and the Government of Puerto Rico. In addition:
    • 1 USLA Officer/ Instructor for the Open Water Surf Rescue Program
    • 5 Lifeguards.
      The SURFING ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM will hire an International Coach, resident in the Island, for a full year.Metric Evaluation ExperienceThe FSPR Team will tabulate and save all data from the FSPR JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP; using the Process Evaluation and Results; final product will have detailed description and quantities. All filmed and photographic material will provide not only the media coverage for the SURFING ATHLETICS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS but the Video Training required to develop the quality and performance for the participants.